320-C Main Street

P. O. Box 1027

Savannah, Tennessee 38372


(731) 438-3121




In Remembrance 2016

Jenny Free

Rusty Ray Crumby

Kiser Eaton

Shadow Tomczuk

Savanna Churchwell

Roscoe Williams

Merry Brewer

Bella Boyd

Peaches Springman

Lucy Burleson

Sugar Mae Brock-Scott

Callie Jane Lambert

Koll Randolph

Sophie Dickey

Koda McIntire

Missy Robinson

Bubba Beagle Beckham-Staggs

Missy Howe

Ginger Fleming

Otis Jones

Maizey Brewer


Penelope Brock-Carr

Sophie Vinson

Pierre Shrader

Chatley (Chatcat) McIntyre-Morgan

Snoopy Brewer

Gator Trumble

Kallee Johnson

Venus Lynn Helvie-Little

Cinder Cooper

Newman Tallent

Jack Bates

Gracie Robarge

Sheeba Potts

Ginger Lettau

Merlin (Bubbles) Wallace

Buster Luttrell

Walker Princeton Pugsley Hall

Isabella Garrison

Daisy Phillips


Bootsey Talbott

Toby Murrah/Byrd

Abbigail Floyd

Wilson Jackson

Bruno Hollin

Daysee Ashe

Wooly Silliman

Duke Whitten

Gertie Marlar

Rebel Perry

Kelley Stone


Dixie Harris

Penny Miranda

Cowboy Paulson


Sophie Webb

Sage Null

Samantha McClain

KK Jerrell


Peanut Parker

Sam Carlson

Mooshu Davis

LJ Brewer

Anna Willis

Spike Davis

Max Miller

Toby Pew

Runt Chandler

Jasmine Turner

Tilly Carter

Schatzi Moore

Dozor Kluyenko

Baby Welch

Dumplin Godwin

Georgia Knight


Charlotte Wells

Dutches Smith

Seger Tibbs

Annabel Rose Anderson

Liliputt Hendrix



Caesar Wood

Diesel Bonds

Bear Ables

Miggy Mehr

Titus Dickson

Vincent Hisaw

DJ Blankenship

Moon Shadow Shackelford

Jack Hamlin

Roscoe Majors

Baby Girl Luttrell

Big Boy Walkup

Boo Boo Bunnell

Pearl Lee Davis


Sparky Clement

Athor Gee

Lou Lou Smith

Lucy Pauss


Rusty Perry

JoJo Owens

Stephanie Sanders

Boots Milligan

Lucy Grace Marecki

Duke (Bubba) Matlock

Cash Linville

Cheyenne (Chy) Healy

Ginger Carson

Little Bit Bivins

Big Mac Smith

Layla Seigars

Max Barnes

Jack Oliver Culver

Max Hamilton

Chance Wade

Buttercup Austin

Molly Krick

C.C. Mathis

Lady Pew

Maggie Bivens

Angel Cox

Zoey Moore

Hale Browder

Izzy Ross


Rags Brown

Buddy Ciaravino

Eli Smith

Aspen Martin

Poochie Gurley

Shaggy Carter

Lucy Eaton

Lady Daily

Gator Gibens

Tank Enright

Dharma Buck

Zach Edge

Peludo Belmonte-Wallace

Purr Purr Jones

Buddy Berry

Fulmer Taylor

Twix Patterson

Riley Brooks

Trooper Adams

Princess Lee Crumby

Bruce Burcham

Princess Fowler

Moebandy (Moe Moe) Lambert

Lazarus Hilliard



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